Print of handmade copper Irish art with hues of grey, orange, purple and black

Ken Bolger Stone & Copper Artist: Three Warriors “Cath Fionn Tra” Small Copper Frame

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Warrior “Cath Fionn Tra” Small Copper Frame

Ken Bolgers Copper imagery is inspired by the local landscapes, seascapes, history and mythology of West Kerry.

Having worked with slate for many years, the artist wanted to diversify while staying with a medium that was also connected to the environment as well as affected by the environment. This is where copper comes into place. He uses a series of techniques that change the way the copper looks in the same way that copper, left to the elements changes its texture and colour.  As an artist he wishes to create a scene influenced by the place where he lives using the natural dark and shade that weathered copper gives.

Each piece is uniquely created and will have slight variations to the image shown.


With The Frame

Width: 26cm

Height: 26cm

Do not hang in direct sunlight